3 ways stress weakens your brain

3 ways stress weakens your brain

1. It takes only one moment of stress to destroy brain cells

When your brain is stressed it produces more insulative cells than neurons or brain cells.

Long-term stress reduces the amount of neurons or brain being made in your hippocampus.

The hippocampus controls learning and emotion.

2. Untreated stress can shrink your brain

Stressful moments may reduce gray matter and brain cells which make up your brain.

Depression and long-term stress can shrink your brain's medial prefrontal cortex which controls emotion and body control.

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3. Stress can interfere with your memory

Even short-lasting stress can contribute to memory loss.

When you are stressed, your hippocampus turns on your fight-or-flight reaction.

This increases your emotional reaction which slows down your memory capacity.

Make steps to destress your life and reduce these cerebral damages

The best proven ways to destress are saying "no" to unreasonable commitments, disconnecting from both technology and stressful people and not holding grudges.

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Tape worm brain scan
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Tape worm brain scan

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