Weekly workout routine

Let's do this, y'all! I'm feeling reeaaaaaally energized this week so I'm in the mood to kill it at the gym with this weekly workout routine — how about you? First off, these are the same glossy workout leggings that I've been wearing for a few weeks, and they're just so flattering. I love wearing tight form-fitting leggings that are made of great quality so that they're still comfortable to wear during squats, etc and for the rest of my weekly workout routine. I've found that these glossy workout leggings are perfect for the job and they have that gorgeous sheen to them.

Workouts for the Week:

Monday: Legs {Quads, Hamstrings, Glutes, Calves} + HIIT

  • Jump Squats {holding 12 pound medicine ball}: 15 reps, 5 sets
  • Bulgarian Split Lunges: 20 reps each leg, 5 sets
  • Single Leg Hamstring Curls: 15 reps each leg, 4 sets
  • Abductor Extensions with Infinity Resistance Band Around Legs: 20 reps each leg, 5 sets
  • Pulse Squats with Infinity Resistance Band Around Legs: 30 reps, 3 sets
  • Kickbacks using cable: 15 reps each leg, 5 sets
  • Barbell Hip Thrusts {lying down on bench — heavy}: 20 reps, 4 sets
  • Kneeling Hip Thrusts using Smith Machine {heavy}: 20 reps, 4 sets

Tuesday: Shoulders & Abs + HIIT
*Superset these!*

  • Arnold Press: 15 reps light, 3 sets then 10 reps heavy, 2 sets
  • Front Plate Raise: 15 reps, 5 sets
  • Single cable lateral arm raises: 15 reps each side, 5 sets
  • Upright cable row: 15 reps, 5 sets
  • Single arm shoulder press: 12 reps, 3 sets
  • Barbell shoulder press: until failure, 3 sets
  • Add your favorite routine for ABS! I love ending with cable rope crunches!

Wednesday: TRX Class

Thursday: Biceps & Back + Low Intensity Cardio {Fat-Burning}
*Superset these!*

  • Wide Arm Row: 15 reps, 5 sets
  • Preacher curl: 12 reps each arm, 5 sets
  • Single arm cable row: 15 reps, 4 sets
  • Static hold bicep curl: 15 reps, 4 sets
  • Underhand Pulldowns: 10 reps normal, 5 reps holding at the end, 4 sets
  • Drag Curls: 12 reps, 4 sets
  • Hyperextensions: until failure, 3 sets
  • Alternating Incline Bicep Curls: 15 reps each, 3 sets
  • Single Arm Lat Pulldown on cable machine {heavy}: 8 reps each, 4 sets

Friday: Legs {Mostly Glutes} & Abs + HIIT ....OR optional rest day

  • Warm Up w/ Squats on Smith Machine {no weights, just bar}: 20 reps, 3 setsSuperset this with 10 burpees to warm yourself up if you haven't done your cardio
  • Deep Squats on Smith Machine {butt should be lower than 90 degree angle}: 10 reps, 10 sets
  • Pulse Lunges on Smith Machine: 15 reps each leg, 5 sets
  • Pull Through {using rope & cable in between the legs, i.e. here}: 20 reps, 5 sets
  • Deadlift using cable + straight bar: 20 reps, 5 sets
  • Kneeling Barbell Thrusts (tuck booty in!): until failure, 5 sets
  • Sumo Squats w/ Weight: 15 reps, 3 sets
  • Curtsy Lunge: 15 on each side, 3 sets
  • Leg Extensions: 15 reps each leg then 15 reps with both leg, 3 sets
  • Make sure to add your favorite ab routine at the end!

Saturday: Chest & Triceps + HIIT

  • Push-Ups: 60 total push-ups, start out normal then do assisted push-ups if needed
  • Overhead Tricep Extensions: 15 reps, 4 sets
  • Incline Bench Press: 15 reps, 5 sets
  • Tricep Kickbacks: 15 reps, 5 sets
  • Single Arm Dumbbell Chest Fly: 15 reps each arm, 3 sets
  • Single Arm Chest Press: 15 reps each arms, 3 sets
  • Straight bar push-downs: 10 reps normal, 10 reps halfway, 5 sets
  • Skull crushers with Heavy Dumbbell: 15 reps, 5 sets

Sunday: Rest Day

Meals for the week:

  • Breakfast Meal of the Week: Protein Pancakes {using a protein powder pancake mix OR using mashed bananas!}
  • Lunch Meal of the Week: Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken and a Side of Pita Bread
  • Dinner Meal of the Week: Quinoa Pasta + Marinara Sauce {which includes some type of lean meat like lean ground beef, as well as veggies like zucchini and bell peppers}

Hope y'all enjoyed my weekly workout routine for this week!

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