Puppy gets prosthetic legs after neighbor cuts them off with a sword

Wounded dog plays on prosthetic legs.

A 9-month-old puppy in Bangkok, Thailand, whose front legs were cruelly hacked off by a neighbor with a sword, has been given a new lease on life.

On Friday, Thai animal welfare group Soi Dog Foundation (SDF) posted a video of the dog, Cola, rocking his brand new prosthetics a few months after the horrific incident.

According to an earlier post by the SDF, Cola was brought to their attention in May of this year. The puppy was apparently caught chewing on a neighbour's shoes and despite Cola's owner's offers to compensate the man, he wasn't satisfied.

The man returned to Cola's owner's house later at night with a sword and attacked the dog. He later threatened the owner that if she was to complain, he'd kill her other dogs.

Cola's owner contacted the SDF as well the local authorities, and the neighbor was detained. He was sentenced to one month's detention under the Animal Welfare Law.

Following the attack, Cola was taken to SDF's headquarters in Phuket to recover. The foundation's co-founder, John Dalley, told the ABC that Cola is adapting well to the prosthetics.

Although SDF has received a flood of offers to adopt Cola, the furry fighter has found a new family with the Dalleys. Dalley's wife, Gill, is a double amputee herself.

"Gill and Cola bonded immediately, so he won't be going anywhere now," John said.

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Piggy the warthog and her puppy pal

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