Paul Ryan's 'must-see' photos from July include him holding a pocket Constitution

After Khan Speech, $1 Pocket Constitution Becomes Best-Seller

House Speaker Paul Ryan took a moment on Monday to share some 'must-see' moments from July, and one photo in particular has people talking.

In the lead photo Ryan can be seen holding up a pocket Constitution. The July 6 image was captured during a press conference at the Republican National Committee.

Searches for the $1 pocket constitution and purchases on Amazon have surged since a military war hero's father, Khizr Khan, gave a moving speech on Thursday night at the Democratic National Convention. Khan criticized Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and questioned whether he has ever read the Constitution -- and then offered him his pocket copy to borrow.

In addition, Ryan's "must-see" photos include him wishing Bob Dole a happy birthday, meeting with heroes from the Orlando nightclub shooting and talking to legendary Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith.

Check out all of Ryan's "must-see" moments below:

The best speaker of the house photos from July
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The best speaker of the house photos from July

1. The Constitution – Speaker Ryan holds up a pocket Constitution as a reminder that Congress' first responsibility is to support and defend the Constitution.

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2. Happy Birthday, Bob Dole – This American hero just celebrated his 93rd birthday.

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3. Heroes from Orlando – Speaker Ryan personally thanked these two deputies who helped end the terrorist rampage in Orlando.

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4. CNN Townhall – Jake Tapper and CNN hosted a townhall with Speaker Ryan to discuss a #BetterWay forward on the big issues facing America.

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5. Live Facebook Q&A – Rep. Mia Love (R-UT) joined Speaker Ryan for an in-depth discussion about a #BetterWay to fight poverty in our communities.

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6. Emmitt Smith – The legendary Cowboys running back and his wife visited the Capitol, where they received some good-natured ribbing from Packers fan (and owner) Paul Ryan.

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7. Squad – Members of Congress eagerly awaited the enrollment of landmark legislation to combat the growing opioid epidemic in our country.

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8. More than words – Moments after signing legislation to help those struggling with opioid addiction, Speaker Ryan shared a special moment with fellow Wisconsinite Michelle Jaskulski, whose sons are in recovery from heroin addiction.

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9. In Remembrance of the Fallen – Speaker Ryan pauses for a personal moment of prayer and remembrance for Capitol police officers killed in the line of duty.

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