11 date ideas for people who love to travel

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Are you a travel enthusiast? I am. I love traveling so much that I spent more than 360 days on the road. I really love the experience of stepping out of the airplane and exploring a new city I have never been to. It's my passion.

Nevertheless, I am aware of its negative side effects. No, I am not talking about my inability to keep a job. As it turned out, that's a blessing and not a curse. I am talking about dating. Yes, dating. It can be extremely painful to date a notorious traveler and it can get even more problematic when both people are travel enthusiasts.

We travelers have experienced so many crazy adventures that sitting in a café and talking about college degrees and mortgages is simply too boring for us. We need action and inspiration. Oh, and we want to do something that is at least somehow related to traveling.

In case you can identify with what I just said, the following 11 dating ideas will save your life...and might lead to your next relationship.

1. Sharing Your Craziest Travel Adventures

Do you want to look into a slightly confused face? Then start your date with the suggestion to share your craziest travel adventures. While the person who is sitting next to you expected a boring talk about college, work and the weekly gym session, you surprise him or her.

Say that you want to start the conversation by sharing each other's craziest travel adventures. If you are on a date with a fellow travel enthusiast, your suggestion can make all the difference.

2. Café Hopping

Do you know bar hopping? I don't drink, so I am not a big fan of it. Have you heard of café hopping? I haven't. That's why I made it up, tested it on a date and came to the conclusion that it is absolutely awesome.

The idea is simple. You start your date in a café, just like normal people. After about an hour, you suggest to go to another café, then another one and so on. That's not what normal people do, but it can be quite fun, especially when you have to travel to get to the next café.

3. The Road Trip

I love road trips. They are adventurous, they are fun and they make the heart of every travel enthusiast thump. And yes, with some adventurous people you can actually make a road trip on the first date.

Pick her up in your car and ask them if they have ever been to New York City. In case they have never been to New York, you can suggest a road trip to get there. It is really that simple.

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4. The Boat Trip

What if she doesn't agree to go on a road trip with you? Don't worry. You might still be able to convince her to go on a boat trip with you. Maybe she is more comfortable with being alone with you on the water than on the road.

It doesn't have to be a yacht. A simple paddleboat on a small lake is the romantic setting you need. Feed the ducks and try to not flip over. If you want you can jump in the lake and go for a swim.

5. Starting a Travel Blog

Let's say it's your first date and you desperately want a second date with the person who is looking into your eyes. One way to increase the chances to get that second date is to start a travel blog together.

Wait, what? Yes, a travel blog. Start it on Saturday and promise each other that you will go out again on Wednesday, so that you can update it. This can make going on a second date with you the logical next step.

6. Playing the "What Would You Do" Game

What would you do if you would inherit 2 million dollars and could travel to any place you want?

That's an awesome question to make your next date a bit more exciting. I mean, the secret to dating success is triggering positive emotions. That's a fact. And if she is a travel enthusiast, her emotions will jump through the roof by even thinking about this question.

7. The Tourist Game

The tourist game is awesome for your first or second date. The idea is that you are in your home town, but that you pretend to be tourists who have never been there. This is only possibly if the person you are dating has a wild imagination and is open for a fun role play.

I promise that you'll discover areas of your city that you have never seen before. If the date goes really well, you can stay in a hotel for one night and pretend that it is your last night in the city.

8. A Bicycle Tour

I have met many travel enthusiasts within the couple of years and they all had one thing in common. They were quite interested in physical activity. I mean, it should make sense that the typical travel enthusiast doesn't sit at home eating potato chips and playing computer games all day long.

One great activity date that allows you to combine sports with traveling is bicycle riding. Ask the woman of your dreams to join you for a bicycle tour on a hot summer day and the date won't be boring.

9. Watching an Inspiring Movie

Even though it is one of the most common date ideas, watching a movie together and snuggling up to each other during every exciting scene is still an awesome idea. And it gets even better when the movie you are watching is about traveling.

The one movie that I had the most dating success with is Into the Wild. If you watch this movie with a woman who is into traveling, she will be inspired to do whatever feels right in this particular moment.

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10. Planning the Perfect Trip

Another fun thing to do on the first date is to plan a trip. Just pretend you are a couple and you have to plan your next holidays. Write down everything you need for your next trip, make detailed plans and look for the perfect destination.

Maybe you are a couple after this date and you actually travel to the place that you discussed on your very first date.

11. A Romantic Flight

You have already done all the planning for your imaginary trip to paradise. Why don't you do the job properly and ask her to join you on a trip? I know that this might be a bit too much to ask for on the first date, but it might be exactly what she wants to do on the third.

She might say no, but what if she says yes? It will be a romantic flight and an adventure that she has never experienced with any other guy. I know that it is risky to ask, but the risk might be worth it.

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