5 surprising facts about mustard

5 Surprising Facts About Mustard

As far as condiments go, mustard has enjoyed a particularly long history of popularity. Nonetheless, it still holds a bit of mystery.

Here are 5 surprising facts about mustard.

Number 5. It isn't really bright yellow. Mustard seeds themselves don't yield that vibrant hue when crushed and blended into a paste. The visual appeal comes from the addition of turmeric.

Number 4. Canada is the mustard seed capital of the world. Each year, the nation produces roughly 225,000 metric tons of the stuff. That accounts for far more than half of the global supply.

Number 3. There is a mustard museum. It's called the National Mustard Museum and is located in Middleton, Wisconsin. The institution devoted to the great condiment is open daily, admission-free, and boasts, "the world's largest mustard collection."

Number 2. King Louis XI of France didn't travel without it. To mitigate the threat of having to eat something unpalatable, he always kept a jar of the flavorful fix-all close at hand.

Number 1. Mustard is the overwhelming favorite topping for hot dogs. In a recent survey commissioned by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, 71% of respondents said it's a go-to for them, making it the highest-ranking condiment in that category.

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