This is the greatest dummy in the entire history of HOV dummies

This Is the Greatest  in the Entire History of HOV Dummies

A motorist in Virginia was recently caught trying to circumvent HOV rules by putting a mannequin in the passenger's seat, notes UPI.

On Wednesday, the Fairfax County Police tweeted two photos of the fake (but very realistic) male figure with the hashtag #InTheHOVLane.

He appears dressed in a gray and white-striped button-down shirt and has his seatbelt on.

The accompanying message then points out that the fine for a carpool lane violation is $125 for the first offense, $250 for the second, and $500 for the third offense plus a possible 3-point penalty.

Despite the serious consequences, the Fairfax County was able to see the humor in the situation by posting on Facebook that "our Fairfax County Police Department spotted a aiding an HOV violator. Officers report the hair gave it away."

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