The prettiest summer hair colors EVER

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

If you haven't already lightened up your hair color for summer, it's OK. In fact, now that we're midway through the season, you won't have to guess at the summer's biggest color trends. From warm platinum to multifaceted toffee hues, the following tones have emerged as the most covetable colors! Below, take a peek at the prettiest shades for your strands.

Shimmery Platinum BlondeShimmery Platinum

If going platinum is on your beauty bucket list, now is a good time to tint your tresses. Bright white and sun-filled days just seem to go hand in hand. Though, if you're not quite ready to take the plunge, ease into this eye-catching hue by highlighting a few face-framing strands in the sparkling white-blonde shade.

Ombre HairGradient Mocha

There are lots of ways to give your hair a hint of vibrancy -- go bold with a tonal ombre, or keep it more subtle with a natural, lived-in balayage look. Although the names for these hair-lightening techniques continue to evolve, the truth is that you can't go wrong with any multidimensional hair color. Right now, we're crazy about chocolate brown infused with strands of copper, and flaxen blonde. We also love the upkeep: As your lightened locks grow out, using a root cover-up spray will buy time between touch-ups.

Rose Gold HairRose Gold

This soft blend of red, pink and blonde shades is as pretty as the name implies. Think strawberry blonde, but injected with just a hint more pastel pink than ruby. It's a great option for blondes who want to try a new and darker shade, but aren't ready to commit to brunette or true red.

Toasted Caramel HighlightsToasted Caramel

If you're looking to lighten up a brunette base with some blonde streaks, your best bet is going to be a rich, warm caramel. It's an easy way to add color without overdoing it! The golden tones are flattering, illuminating for most skin tones and will also enhance brown eyes.

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