15-year-old arrested in disturbing child pornography investigation

15-Year-Old Arrested in Disturbing Child Pornography Investigation

MUSTANG, Okla. (KFOR) -- A teen is arrested for distributing over 1,000 sexually explicit images of young children on the internet.

"Our preliminary look was over 300 videos and images but when we really got a look at it there`s over 1,000," Chris West, the Canadian County Undersheriff, said.

Those graphic photos and video clips, all of children under 4-years-old, were posted online.

This led to a difficult case for investigators.

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"One of the first thing we do when this happens is start doing some intelligence, information gathering. Try to do some developing of who the suspect or targets may be and we were able to develop enough information that we were pretty sure it was a minor," West said.

Authorities went to his home in Mustang where they say he first shut the door on them. Once they pushed their way inside the house, they found the disturbing evidence.

"Because of the seriousness and the extreme graphic nature of what the 15-year-old was involved in, we went ahead and transported him to the juvenile detention center here in Canadian County," West said.

All of the content was on a website where this type of stuff is often shared, which OSBI has a close eye on.

"Any site where you can post and share photographs, or music or movies can become a medium where people are sharing or distributing pornography," Adam Whitney, with OSBI's Internet Crimes Against Children Unit, said.

In a press release, Canadian County authorities say this case is "Absolutely one of the worst we've encountered involving a juvenile suspect and child pornography."

"It`s quite concerning when you find someone this young that`s involved in it you know and it`s really sad. We hope that this young person can get the helped needed and get their life turned around," West said.

This case has been turned over to the Canadian County District Attorney's office.

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