This is why the cartoon 'Arthur' is all over social media right now

Top 10 Memes from Cartoons

People are using photos of the cartoon aardvark and titular character of the show "Arthur" to express themselves.

Most of the time, memes come about when something hilarious happens, but this one has been a slow burn.

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"Arthur" has always had some very interesting freeze-frame photo opportunities, and people have taken to the internet to joke around with them.

The most popular is the image of Arthur's fist, which seems to have started here, with Twitter user @AlmostJT:

It just feels right. That little clenched animal fist means so much. Mostly anger and stress.

Complex Magazine seems to have been one of the first to the Arthur meme trend.

Different images and opportunities for comedy emerged:

Move over, Mr. Krabs. It's Arthur's turn to be the king of cartoon memes.

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