The ultimate 6-layer ice cream cake

6-Layer Ice Cream Cake

For special occasions, we are all about thick dark layers of chocolate cake smothered with hand-whisked buttercream. We've also been to known to stack crepe on crepe on crepe for the best tiramisu mille-crepe cake imaginable. And who could forget our take on Funfetti using a colorful napoleon cake?

That said, we jump wholeheartedly on the no-cook, no-bake bandwagon during these dog days of summer. Which is what makes this six-layer, three-ingredient ice cream cake (see the recipe) perfect for the season's barbecues and beach parties.

Ice Cream Cake

By simply layering softened ice cream, crushed cookies and Cool Whip, the result ends up looking like much more than the sum of its parts. And it's endlessly customizable flavor-wise, so make the ice cream cake of your dreams.

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