Man gets pulled over with 2,000 pounds of rice in his minivan

Man Pulled Over with 2,000 Pounds of Rice in Minivan

Byline: Michelle Rosique/Patrick Jones

Rice is good, but is it 2,000 pounds worth of the stuff good? One man thought so.

A driver in Britain was pulled over by police with close to 2,000 pounds of basmati rice in his vehicle.

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BHC Road Policing's twitter shared a photo showing how weighted down the car was, nearly touching the pavement.

When asked why he had all the rice, the man reportedly stated that he had found a good deal. There were 44 pound bags selling for about $20 and so he bought 40 bags worth.

Police let the bargain shopper off with a warning, but apparently he did not heed said warning because he was pulled over a second time and issued a $400 fine for an overweight vehicle.

To be fair, even with the fine, the price of the rice isn't a bad deal. Maybe he can put the money he saved towards buying a bigger van.

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