Logan Paul shares the dating tips every modern gentleman should live by

Dating in the modern age can seem difficult -- if not impossible -- at times. Between app dating, figuring out who pays for the bill or even navigating the tricky waters of post-date texting, attempting to find "the one" has become harder than ever. So for anyone out there hoping to get schooled in dating 101 tips, Logan Paul has some pointers for you. The social media personality first rose to fame on the app Vine after amassing over 9 million followers and 4 billion loops. Since then he's expanded his comedic skits to other social media platforms and has even begun to take on more traditional acting roles, nabbing cameos on "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" and starring roles in "The Thinning" and "Foursome." But more than that, he's a self-proclaimed expert on all-things chivalry.

And because of that, Paul recently has teamed up with Bic Razors to show fellas how to smooth up this summer. We recently sat down with the Vine star to get his take on how the modern gentleman should look and act. Watch the video above to catch his tips and tricks on all-things dating!

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For more on Logan Paul, watch the video below!

Lia Marie Johnson, Logan Paul & Peyton List Describe 'The Thinning'
Lia Marie Johnson, Logan Paul & Peyton List Describe 'The Thinning'

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