How Snapchat helped turn one Brazilian lawyer into Olympic torchbearer

Brazil Olympic Torchbearer's Snapchat Fame

Think of how you feel when your Snapchat story gets an excessive amount of views. Now think of how you'd feel if your Snapchat stories single-handedly made you a celebrity -- one so famous that you got to carry the torch at the Olympics in your hometown.

This is reality for 24-year-old Brazilian lawyer Thaynara Oliveira Gomes, who sees six-figure view totals on her videos on the social platform.

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Because of her fame, she was asked to be part of the team that brought the Olympic torch from Geneva to Brazil.

"Snapchat changed my life," she said to BBC. "I became famous while studying to become a public attorney. The exams drove me so crazy that I started making these videos."

You can watch Thaynara's amazing story above.

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