Chelsea Clinton: Conversion therapy in the Republican platform is 'child abuse'

Hillary Clinton Delivers Message to Young Girls
Hillary Clinton Delivers Message to Young Girls

Chelsea Clinton criticized the Republican National Convention on Wednesday as being "divisive, degrading, and demeaning," and said the "most offensive" aspect of last week was the party's support of conversion therapy.

"I thought about what I found most offensive last week, and it's hard," said Clinton, who would go on to say that what should rally Democratic voters is the "open embrace of conversion therapy in the Republican Party Platform. In other words; child abuse."

"Everything I care most about is at risk in this election, given what Trump and Pence are campaigning for," Clinton continued.

Clinton is referring to a new provision in the Republican Party platform that states parents of LGBT children should be allowed to take their kids to the controversial therapy that claims to change a person's sexual orientation. The platform also defines marriage as between a man and a woman, and rejects the Obama administration's push to redefine sex discrimination laws to include transgender individuals.

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While the daughter of the Democratic nominee made the case that her mother should be elected to guarantee that the LGBT community continue to see gains, she also urged delegates to make sure Democrats get elected "up and down the ticket."

"We need to ensure that we can elect people that share our values so that my mom can pass the Equality Act, and so that my mom can federally ban conversion therapy," Clinton said.

Clinton's remarks come a day after her father, former President Bill Clinton, delivered a personal address at the Democratic National Convention, making the case that Hillary Clinton "is still the best darn change maker I have ever known.''

"You could drop her in any trouble spot — pick one — come back in a month ... and somehow she will have made it better. That's just how she is,'' the former president said.

Chelsea Clinton reflected on the emotional address saying, "I almost cried many times during my father's speech last night."