6 things you need to know before using dry shampoo

By: The Beauty Experts at L'Oréal Paris

The idea of removing excess oil from your strands is nothing new -- it's a hair care technique that's been around since the early '70s. However, the formulas and products to help get the job done have certainly evolved. Today's oil-absorbing powders and sprays make passing time between blowouts pretty painless -- that is, if you know how to use 'em. Regardless of which formula you favor, here are a few things to know before you take dry shampoo for a test drive.

1. Dry Shampoo Is NOT for Wet Hair
Seems like this one should be fairly obvious, but you'd be surprised! So we're here to definitively say that dry shampoo only works on dry hair.

2. Moderation Is Key
Just like anything else, if you're overusing your dry shampoo, it means you're probably neglecting some other hair care musts -- like restorative shampoos and conditioners. If you're reapplying for a third time, it's a good indicator that you should probably hit the showers.

3. Avoid Oversaturation
It's not just how often you use it, but also how much of it you use each time! To avoid overdosing your strands, start with a small amount and use a brush and a blow-dryer to help you distribute it evenly through your hair. Remember, you can always add more!

4. Go Undercover
To avoid visible white residue and enhance the benefits of dry shampoo, don't apply the formula to the top of your head. Instead, lift the top layer of hair and spray to conceal any potential product residue.

5. It's Not Just "Shampoo" -- It's Volumizer, Too!
Dry shampoo is most commonly used to absorb oil and lengthen the time between washes. But when used properly –- sprayed evenly about six inches away from the roots -- dry shampoo can actually give your strands a boost. It can help add texture and volume to create a new look or revive your hairstyle from day to night.

6. Don't Double Up
If you dye your hair, you might think that you need to use a root concealer and dry shampoo to keep your coif looking flawless. But you'd be wrong! It's way more likely that doubling down on product will have an adverse outcome –- making your hair too heavy and landing you in the shower. The solution: Use root cover-up spray. It will have an oil-absorbing effect similar to that of dry shampoo and will color your gray hairs at the same time.

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