The Jordan Rodgers 'Bachelorette' update: Week 9

Jordan Gets Specific About His Future Plans with JoJo
Jordan Gets Specific About His Future Plans with JoJo

It's getting down to the wire, Bachelor Nation, and America's favorite former quarterback Jordan Rodgers is very close to officially winning the heart of Bachelorette JoJo.

This week's episode of 'The Bachelorette' began with three men standing in Jordan's way, but ended with just one after savage JoJo broke the hearts of both Luke and Chase immediately after each one told her he was in love with her, because that's a cool thing to do.

Just like any normal woman dating multiple men, JoJo flew herself and her boyfriends out to Thailand to spend some alone time with each one of them. Jordan started his date by running slowly out of the water towards JoJo on the beach à la Baywatch -- or should we say Bae-watch?

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The unrealistically attractive couple went for a romantic and sweaty hike in the jungle, which seemed like a real struggle for them despite the fact that there were literal stairs for them to use to get up the hill. Jordan described their relationship as being "so fun," and JoJo continued her trend of being "so happy." It's all just so great, we're so excited for them. Sooooo excited.

Once J and J were sick of hiking upwards, they decided to descend into a cave that also held a temple. Out of respect, JoJo covered up her shoulders before entering the temple and refused to kiss Jordan while there. This was likely his least favorite part of the date for several reasons.

Later on, JoJo and Jordan were treated to a beautiful dinner which, in keeping with the tradition of the show, they probably did not eat any of. JoJo brought up the fact that they had "not talked at all about what the future would look like" if they were to get engaged, and asks Jordan what he thinks the next year of his life would look like. He says he doesn't know. JoJo asks how he knows he's in love with her and ready to get married, and he says he "has a feeling." For some reason, she stays with him after that and invites him to spend the night with her in the fantasy suite.

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The next morning Jordan says the two took a big step "in a very exciting direction" overnight, which we assume means they painted each other's toenails, shared their deepest darkest secrets and slept in separate sleeping bags. JoJo then immediately goes off to break up with one of her other boyfriends, leaving only two boutonnieres for two suitors at the rose ceremony at the end of the show. Yeah, this one was a real nail-biter.

The season is almost over and we're still trying to figure out how these guys are so crazy about a girl who keeps bringing up her ex-boyfriend as the reason she's afraid to (read: is contractually obliged not to) say "I love you" to them -- but next week, our boy Jordan is going to propose to her anyway. We'll see how that goes... mostly, we want to see if estranged brother Aaron would make an appearance at the wedding and piece the family back together. Fingers crossed!

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