Study shows having this kind of job can prevent you from Alzheimer's

Certain jobs may help prevent Alzheimer's disease

Social butterflies and workplace chatterboxes -- we've got some great news for you.

New research from the Wisconsin Alzheimer's Disease Research Center and Wisconsin Alzheimer's Institute shows that there's a clear correlation between a strong, social work life and prevention of Alezheimer's.

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Director of research and development at Alzheimer's Society, Dr. Doug Brown, shared with CNBC:

"This research builds on what we already know about the importance of keeping our brains active to improve memory and thinking as we age, whether this is through having a complex job or hobbies and pastimes that challenge the brain and keep you connected to friends and family."

Researchers at the center scanned the brains of nearly 300 patients that were "at risk" of developing the degenerative disease.

The results of the scans were then compared with each person's "cognitive function and type of work."

And what exactly were the findings?

Workers in interactive jobs, in which a person's day to day work life involves socializing with other people (versus sitting at a computer or in front of files compiling data or crunching numbers), are better able to maintain cognitive functions.

The major takeaway: those who work in fields or positions that involve complex thinking and social activity are much less susceptible to cognitive decline.

Alzheimer's Association chief science officer, Maria C. Carrillo, explained in a press release:

"These new data add to a growing body of research that suggests more stimulating lifestyles, including more complex work environments with other people, are associated with better cognitive outcomes in later life."

So the next time you get in trouble for being too social at work, just tell your boss you're benefitting your long-term health.

We're sure he or she will understand.

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