Rockets of Awesome: The smart new way to shop for your kids

Rockets of AwesomeThere's no way around it -- kids grow like weeds. And constantly growing children means parents who have to shop for new clothes... all. the. time. As the summer nears August (what?! How did that happen?) and you start to get back into the back to school mindset, fall clothes are definitely on your mind -- and shopping for them may be something you're dreading.

That's where Rockets of Awesome comes in.

It's a personalized shopping experience for kids -- providing new clothes for little ones every season, hand-picked just for that child based on color preferences, sizes, personality and more. Not only is this team doing the curating work for you each season, but the clothes are positively adorable, really amazing quality and range in price from $12-$36.

The packages come with 12 items in each, and you only pay for what you keep -- just ship the rest back within five days. And the best part (aside from the adorable clothes)? No membership fees. No shipping fees. And the more you work with the team and give feedback, the better curated your child's options will be.

How's that for dynamic retail?

Learn more about Rockets of Awesome here.

Rockets of Awesome

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