Most popular order at Buffalo Wild Wings isn't what you'd think

Kate Taylor
Buffalo Wild Wings launches 15 minute lunch promo
Buffalo Wild Wings launches 15 minute lunch promo

Traditional chicken wings are no longer beating out boneless in the battle for American consumers' hearts and stomachs.

Last July, 51.5% of Buffalo Wild Wings customers purchased boneless wings instead of traditional bone-in wings on National Chicken Wing Day, July 29.

Boneless wings have been on the rise for quite a while.

In 2012, boneless chicken wings made made up 81% of all growth in chicken wing sales. Total, boneless wings accounted for around 14% of total wing sales for the year.

Check out some of the craziest fast food items below:

By January of 2015, the boneless versus bone-in battle was pretty evenly split. According to a Super Bowl survey by the National Chicken Council, 54% of wing eaters prefer traditional, bone-in wings, compared to 46% who picked the boneless option.

Whether you're a fan of boneless or traditional wings, there's a chance to get a deal this Friday. To celebrate National Chicken Wing Day 2016 on July 29, Buffalo Wild Wings is selling half-priced wings, both traditional and boneless, at its 1,150 restaurants in the US and Canada.

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