One major airline lets your kids fly for free

Major Airline Lets Your Kids Fly For Free
Major Airline Lets Your Kids Fly For Free

Traveling with kids is a pain. You have to worry about them running around in the airport, have to cater to their whining, and have to face dirty looks from other passengers when they're throwing a tantrum.

Well, British Airways gets it, and they're offering a perk. The airline has relaunched their "kids fly for free" offer on domestic flights in the UK.

The offer allows free flights for up to two kids under the age of 12 with each standard adult ticket. Better book soon, though: the deal is only good until November 1.

British Airways has teamed with popular tourist board "Visit Britain," for the promo, and also offers kids a complimentary stay at Novotel Hotels nationwide with every room booked.

However, the flagship UK airline has informed travelers of a clause that states the company, "reserves the right to refuse travel, charge an additional fee, or cancel the entire booking if offer is abused and the child(ren) do not travel."

The clause is an effort to discourage travelers from booking free tickets for children with no intention of actually bringing them, and instead enjoying being surrounded by empty seats.

With train fares around the UK continuously rising during this peak season, your next family vacation may be an affordable possibility this year.

Or, you can just leave the kids at grandma's and call it a second honeymoon.

Your call.

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