Guy replaces family memories with hilarious photos of celebrity

The Internet Is Dedicated to Steve Buscemi

Photos can be some of the most priceless possessions you have.

One man, Kevin Manion from Wisconsin, had a theory about his family photos that he wanted to test.

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He wanted to see how long it would take his mom to see that he replaced cherished photos of his relatives with pictures of Steve Buscemi.

His sister Clare tweeted about the prank, and it has since gone viral.

She told BuzzFeed News that he came up with the idea during summer vacation.

Clare said neither of her parents noticed immediately when they swapped the photos out.

It took her father two days and herm other five days.

"She was in the kitchen and could tell something was wrong with my brother's senior photo, like the colors were wrong, and his head was too big, so she walked over to it and started laughing so hard," Clare told BuzzFeed News.

Kevin was pretty entertained by all the buzz on the internet.

Many commenters have declared him a hero.

What will he think of next?

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