Woman's hair appears to change color in viral GIF

Kari Hill answers your top hair-color questions

Is this woman's hair blonde with brown highlights or brown with blonde highlights?

In the same way no one could figure out The Dress, the internet is puzzled by this girl's hair.

The Imgur user posted a GIF of her seemingly color-changing locks online, and viewers have watched nearly 4 million times as they try to figure out how a flip of her tresses can transform her hair's color.

Is it a wig? Extensions? Lighting? Wizardry?

Turns out, it's just a sneaky dye job. Her hair is brown on top and blonde underneath, so when she parts her hair to the side, the blonde shows.

A middle part reveals the brown.

The Huffington Post U.K. reported the look is called "top-deck hair," named after a Cadbury bar that has a layer of creamy white chocolate.

Courtney Lee — a colorist at the Kinloch Salon in Brooklyn, New York — told Mic.com, "I would highly not recommend doing that at home."

So there you have it. Leave all hair-based magic tricks to the professionals.

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