'Ugly Instagram' is taking over people's feeds

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The Instagram app was once a safe haven for beautiful photos, like a personalized magazine on demand.

Of course, with all the loveliness and perfection comes accusations of "fake" photos -- and from there, models have confessed to staging pictures and using Photoshop and even normal people have criticized the culture of perfectionism.

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But there are a few accounts that have always gone against the trend -- ones that bring a little bit of reality into your news feed. They're a part of "ugly Instagram."

One of the stars of ugly Instagram is the account The Australian Ugliness.

Tom Lee, purveyor of the account, told Mashable he was uncomfortable posting pretty things.

"By choosing beautiful things, like sunsets, you run the risk of coming across as naive, where ugliness is the genre of the more aware," he said.

One account focuses on on of the most mundane things we can encounter -- park benches.

This Australian account has mastered the weirdness found in people's lawns.

And, of course, there's the account that is just pictures of mattresses.

It seems like there's just a point where people have seen enough beauty and need to revel in everyday ugliness.

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