The unexpected mental and physical benefits of being lazy

You've probably heard your whole life that not doing enough, not being active, and not making the absolute most of every waking moment is just the worst thing ever. Being lazy is pretty awful, right?

Well, maybe not. While there are, of course, times when you have to get moving and get things done, it turns out that maybe living life in the slow lane is actually not a bad choice.

Most grown-ups are discouraged from napping during the day, but it turns out that napping daily is excellent for your health and well-being. Just like napping, though, we associate lounging around and taking things slow as a character flaw, or failing.

In reality, it's not! It's actually been shown to be a great way to boost creativity, invention, and even motivation.

We're not saying to spend your life on the couch, of course, but when you're feeling tired, tell yourself that it's OK to have a little sit and just chill out for a few minutes. If anything, it's good for you! When you get up again, you'll feel refreshed and ready to go.

Read on to discover all the ways laziness is good for you, and let us know in the comments where your favorite spot to be lazy is!

Laziness Is Natural
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Being "lazy" is totally natural. Humans are actually evolved for lounging. That's because your body is always looking to conserve energy.

In fact, in the winter, our bodies produce more melatonin, which makes us feel sleepy. In the summer, the heat prevents us from being too active, lest we get heat stroke.

But did you know there are actual mental and physical benefits of being lazy?

Scroll down below to learn why you should be lazy more often!

Benefits Of Being Lazy
Lazy Benefit #1: Lowers Blood Pressure

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A stressful day can leave us feeling stressed out and high-strung, and too much of that can have negative effects on blood pressure and heart rate levels, and make us feel jittery and anxious.

Taking some time to simply stretch out, take a deep breath, and calm your mind, though, can lower blood pressure and make us feel soothed and peaceful again.

Lazy Benefit #2: Improves Workouts
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This seems counterintuitive, but if you're lazy, you're not going to want to spend all day exercising.

Instead, they'll go for a shorter, but higher intensity workout, which gets the blood pumping, but also leaves time to binge watch an entire season of something on Netflix.

And in fact, studies have shown that these short, intense workouts followed by periods of rest are actually better for weight loss and staying fit.

Lazy Benefit #3: Increases Creativity

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Lying about thinking of nothing in particular is where many people come up with their best ideas.

Sometimes, actively trying to pin down an idea can have the opposite effect, but letting go and letting your brain cycle through some thoughts can put ideas together in new and exciting ways.

Lazy Benefit #4: Improves Efficiency
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We've all heard the expression, "Necessity is the mother of invention."

But according to author Agatha Christie, "Invention, in my opinion, arises directly from idleness... To save oneself trouble."

That means that laziness is responsible for all those inventions that make life easier and less strenuous.

Being lazy can also force you to get a task done as quickly as possible, either to get it out of the way, or because you've been procrastinating.

Either way, you're getting a task done and getting it done quickly.

Lazy Benefit #5: Strengthens Problem-Solving Skills

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All this thinking can also lead you to a solution for some issue that's been nagging you. By giving yourself time to think it through, you might be able to come up with a way to solve it.

Other times, simply letting a problem sit can make it work out on its own.

This won't always be the case, and being uninvolved isn't always the issue, but taking some time can help you determine if it's a problem that needs your intervention, or if you can let it go.

Lazy Benefit #6: Allows For Reflection

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When you give your mind some time to wander, you not only get creative, but philosophical, too.

You might start thinking about any manner of complex, important issues, and maybe you'll even come up with some new ideas about them.

Just like with creative and time-saving ideas, getting a little philosophical as you lounge can help you think about things in a new and different way, and maybe have a better understanding of your own beliefs.

Lazy Benefit #7: Provides Appreciation For The Present
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Like meditation, laziness brings us into the present moment and lets us appreciate it for what it is.

It could be the smell of flowers in the garden, the soft ticking of your clock, or the warmth of a cup of tea. Paying attention to the present grounds and relaxes us, and lets us recharge for the next step.

Do you like being lazy, or do you like a steady stream of action?

Let us know, and SHARE the benefits of laziness with your overworked friends, and let them know it's OK to relax a little!

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