Casual log flume rider keeps it together at amusement park

Casual Log Flumer Keeps it Together in Amusing Park Photo

By Amanda Kabbabe and Patrick Jones, Buzz60

Going to the amusement park with friends is a classic summer pastime.

There are two types of approaches to tackling the park: The people who talk a big game about riding the biggest coasters, and the people who cower at the thought of even getting on the kiddie rides.

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Either way, there are cameras on the bigger rides to capture how the riders truly handle their dose of adrenaline.

While these cameras are usually catching people with their mouths wide open, screaming for dear life, occasionally, they capture something very different.

One rider, Mehdi, had his reaction to the log flume snapped at the Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, N.J. The result was not your typical photo -- and it has been garnering some attention on social media.

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I paid $15 for this photo.

A post shared by Mehdi (@mehdibarakchian) on

The photo shows several friends on the log flume bracing for the splash of water, with Mehdi standing out. He doesn't look like he's on a log flume, but rather, he looks like he should be leaning against a Pontiac Firebird in a denim jacket.

When Buzz60 approached Mehdi about how he stayed so cool in the photo, he simply said, "I'm an American, and that's how Americans ride rides."

It turns out, Mehdi is also a comedian with a group called Hero Complex at The People's Improv Theater in New York. He also does a show called Brunch Night with Jamie Leelo, which appears at Carolines in New York.

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Parking Fees 
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Access to Water Parks and Additional Attractions 
Most amusement parks have separate water parks that open up after Memorial Day, however, these attractions are not included in general admission tickets. 

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Carnival Games 
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Gift Shops 
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Caricature Artists and Side Activities 
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Photo credit: Getty


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