Are you too old to ride a roller coaster?

Are You Too Old To Ride a Rollercoaster?

By Keleigh Nealon, Buzz60

What's summer without amusement parks and the thrill of a roller coaster ride?

Roller coasters are a lot of fun at any age, but you need to be able to handle it physically.

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Amusement park expert and author Pete Trabucco says no one is ever too old to ride roller coasters, but the bigger question is if you're physically able to ride.

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Hidden costs of amusement parks
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Hidden costs of amusement parks

Parking Fees 
Upon arriving at theme parks, you are immediately hit with parking fees. At Universal Orlando, for example, expect to pay $20 for a parking space

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Access to Water Parks and Additional Attractions 
Most amusement parks have separate water parks that open up after Memorial Day, however, these attractions are not included in general admission tickets. 

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Carnival Games 
Usually, in the center of an amusement park, you can find a carnival-like setup featuring games, activities and food. As exciting as the games are, forewarning: This section is often its own entity, and to participate, you may have to pay separately. 

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Gift Shops 
This cost may not be as hidden as the others, but it can still put a major dent in your wallet. 

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Caricature Artists and Side Activities 
Like water parks and carnivals inside of amusement parks, caricature artists and other side activities are not included when you purchase a general admission ticket. 

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Maximum age requirements on coasters are uncommon, so make sure your body can take the stress. Rides are more intense than ever, and the worry about older riders comes from changes in their blood pressure and heart conduction, especially from all the pushing and pulling of the new rides.

Other health concerns arise from pregnancy, aneurysms and recent surgeries. Some parks now put up signs to remind people of these conditions.

Furthermore, motion sickness sensitivity tends to decline with age. However, if you're worried, try shorter rides and avoid junk food before boarding and enjoy the ride.

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