8 things you should always buy generic to save money

Store Brand Vs Brand-Name: 5 Things You Can Save Money On By Buying Generic

It's easy to get caught up in the allure of "name-brand" products when you are shopping.

So, what's the biggest reason for this? According to a survey done by Consumer Reports, respondents 18 to 39-years-old question the quality of store brands. Many of the consumers believed that name-brand products taste better with 17 percent of the people surveyed stating "name-brand foods are more nutritious." However, when matched up against their lesser-known counterparts, the name brand and the store brand were of similar quality.

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This research doesn't solely apply to food brands. There are a few non-food items that are worth more than brand-name products. Nielson reported that shoppers are beginning to recognize the latest and increasingly high-quality private label products. In fact, as of 2015, almost three-quarters of shoppers say private-label quality has improved over time.

If you're unsure of when you should purchase "generic" products over name-brands, check out the slideshow below for more information.

8 things you should always buy generic
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8 things you should always buy generic

1. Cleaning Supplies

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2. Over-the-counter Medication 

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3. Water

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4. Pantry Staples 

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5. Electronic Cables

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6. Sunscreen

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7. Home Tools

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8. Shampoo  

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