Woman faces huge fine for frolicking in Rome's Trevi Fountain

Woman Faces Huge Fine For Frolicking in Rome's Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain is known to make dreams come true, so long as you follow a specific set of directions: turn around, close your eyes, and throw a coin in over your shoulder.

Nowhere in those directions does it say, "jump in to the fountain and hang around a while."

One woman didn't get the memo, and was fined $500 for wading into the Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy. She was trying to recreate the iconic scene from Federico Fellini's "La Dolce Vita."

The woman, Delilah Jay, was wearing an evening gown, fur, and full hair and makeup when she jumped into the famous fountain. She pranced around the water and blew kisses to the tourists.

It wasn't long until a Police Officer whistled and asked her to get out of the fountain.

The failed attempt cost this former model the hefty ticket. She remained in character and famous, and promptly withdrew the cash out of an ATM after she got out of the water.

The woman said, "I explained that I did what I did because I love Italy, I love Fellini and I want to live 'La Dolce Vita.'"

The publicity stunt worked in her favor, as she is currently promoting her new book, "Mistress, The Italian Way."

On her website, Jay describes herself as a "real renegade," and a, "female Robin Hood for today's world."

While those comparisons may be up to debate, there is no contesting Jay has "fabulous" down pat.

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Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy.
RF CD: Rome Italy
RF CD: Rome Italy
Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy
RF CD: Rome Italy
RF CD: Rome Italy
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