Supermarket secrets that get you to spend

Supermarket Secrets That Get You to Spend More

It's no secret that it's a bad idea to go grocery shopping while you're hungry. You're way more likely to snag up the extra bag of candy when you can hear your stomach growling.

However, it isn't all in your control. There are some tricks supermarkets play to get you to spend more money, no matter how full you are.

There's a science to grocery store placement. Nothing is put anywhere by accident, and it's all to get you to spend more money.

The crazy part? It works!

For instance, cereals with cartoon characters are placed low so kids see them and nag their parents to buy them.

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Meanwhile, display cases at the end of the aisle are successful in duping adults. You're more likely to grab something you don't actually need if it's on display in an easily accessible spot. This includes chocolates and desserts.

The perimeter of the grocery store is considered to be prime real estate. These spots are usually reserved for the deli and butcher.

Lately, chains have managed to sneak other items out there, like baked goods and spices.

All of these strategies are based on psychological research that companies spend quite a chunk of change on to obtain.

So, the next time you come home from the store with something you didn't intend to buy, just know there's an executive out there laughing manically.

Talk about adding insult to injury.
Grocery store science: How we're tricked into buying more

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