Officials rescue bear with Cheese Balls container stuck on head

Fox Head Stuck In A Bottle

Winnie the Pooh has gotten his head stuck in a honey jar before, but this bear has taken it to a new level.

Colorado wildlife officials said they helped rescue a bear that spent days walking around with a plastic container stuck on its head. The container seemed to be one that once contained Cheese Balls.

Residents saw the black bear cub wandering around with the Cheese Balls jug on its head for at least five days, but it ran away every time they tried to help according to The Aspen Times.

Local bed and breakfast owner Jim Hawkins spotted the cub again on Wednesday and quickly wrangled it with a rope before he called authorities.

"He was just a little bear with a big problem," Hawkins told the The Aspen Times.

"He was a 2-year-old with a space helmet on."

Carbondale District Wildlife Officer John Groves arrived and tranquilized the bear.

He then used shears to cut the plastic off the animal's head.

The bear woke after receiving a dose of a drug to reverse the tranquilizer, drank some water and ran off into the wild, hopefully to find the missing Cheese Balls.

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