Meet Boop, the Australia Zoo's tiniest and most adorable patient ever

One Of The Smallest, Most-Adorable Creatures Gets Treated At Australian Sanctuary

Adorable animal babies come in all shapes in sizes -- but we bet you've never seen a creature quite as teeny tiny as Boop.

A Good Samaritan in Australia found the baby feathertail glider after she fell from her mother's pouch and rushed her straight to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital.

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It may seem hard to believe, but the marsupial weighs in at less than one gram -- that's less than a paper clip and about the size of a fingernail!

"Boop luckily escaped any injury and will now receive round-the-clock care by a specialised wildlife carer until she is ready to return to the wild," the zoo wrote on Facebook.

The Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital was founded by Steve and Terri Irwin in 2002, and since then has helped rehabilitate and rescue countless animals. The group is on a mission to conserve Australia's wild animals.

In fact, the organization recently stepped in to lend a helping hand to 28 orphaned baby bats in need of blankets and pacifiers.

And while Boop is pretty precious now, when she grows up she'll only weigh about 10-15 grams in total.

She'll have some serious style though -- just check out that beautiful tail!
An Australian feathertail glider rests on the forefinger of keeper Darrelyn Rainey's hand at Sydney's zoo October 12, 2000. The tiny marsupial feeds on nectar and can glide from tree-to-tree by stetching the folds of skin between its limbs. The glider is slowly disappearing from suburban Sydney due to predation from cats and foxes.WB/PBA full-grown feathertail glider. (Photo credit: Reuters)

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