10 times Prince George outclassed the rest of us

Happy Birthday Prince George

It feels like only yesterday that I awoke with a start in the middle of a hot July night and felt a siren call luring me to Twitter: Clarence House had confirmed it; Kate Middleton was en route to the hospital to give birth to the much-anticipated "royal baby." Next week, on July 22, that tiny monarch—Prince George Alexander Louis—will celebrate his 3rd birthday, and I am still not okay. In his short life, Prince George has charmed the universe, rocked the kneesock-and-cardigan combo like no other, and generally outclassed the rest of us. Let us count the ways.

10 times Prince George outclassed the rest of us
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10 times Prince George outclassed the rest of us
1. When he regaled the crowd outside St Mary’s Hospital with a wave.
At the ripe age of 24 hours old.
2. When he was christened in a gown meticulously re-created by Queen Elizabeth II’s dressmaker from one worn by the royal family since 1841.
4. When he graced an Australian zoo with his presence and had a bilby named after him.
George the baby and George the bilby: friends forever.
5. When he tired of a playdate with local babies on the royal Australia/New Zealand tour, and instead chose to caress his mother’s perfect hair.
Who wouldn’t?
6. When he returned to work the crowd outside St Mary’s Hospital after the birth of his sister, Princess Charlotte.
A proud graduate of the Prince Harry School of Charm, we suspect.
7. When he casually, expertly held Princess Charlotte in their first official photo together as brother and sister.
Caption: “Stick with me, kid.”
8. When he suited up for his first day of nursery school, dry-eyed and sporting elbow patches.
The epitome of Montessori chic.

9. When he wore a bathrobe to meet the Leader of the Free World.

Note: President Obama got down to his level.

10. When he took his rightful place as an heir to the throne.

Look out, House of Windsor. This guy is going places.


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