Woman shocks husband who wants a divorce with weight loss

One Woman's Incredible Weight Loss Journey
One Woman's Incredible Weight Loss Journey

When Kailin Turner's husband was deployed in the Navy, her weight hit its peak.

She decided it was time to change her life and transform her body to surprise her love when he returned, according to her YouTube video.

She completely changed the way she ate and started doing intense workouts like P90X.

When Turner hit week 8 of her new life, the unthinkable happened -- her husband emailed her saying he wants a divorce.

"If I can do this being a military wife with a husband deployed, and on top of that this morning finding out that he wants to divorce me, then anybody can get out and do their workout," she said on camera.

That's why she decided to document her daily workouts in a video. She experience jaw-dropping progress, and did it all through what she calls "divorce tears."

Turner simply decided to take care of herself, and with the added motivation, she dropped from a size 18 to a size 2.

"To stand in front of this mirror and see what kind of work I put in and see it in front of me is something I never, ever,ever thought I could do when I was 196 pounds," she said on YouTube.

"If you're a woman and you're not confident, I want you to realize that you are amazing, and you are beautiful."

You can watch Turner's weight loss transformation video here: