Ted Cruz campaign manager: Chris Christie 'turned over his political testicles long ago'

Chris Christie slams Ted Cruz's speech as "awful"
Chris Christie slams Ted Cruz's speech as "awful"

Former Ted Cruz campaign manager Jeff Roe ripped into Chris Christie on Thursday morning, stinging the New Jersey governor with a below-the-belt jab for his criticism of the Texas senator's convention speech the night before.

"That guy turned over his political testicles long ago," Roe told radio host Chris Stigall. "So I don't take what he has to say with any meaning. You know, he embarrassed himself pretty quickly in this."

The comments, first flagged by BuzzFeed, came after Christie blasted "selfish" Cruz for his Wednesday evening remarks in which he not only refused to endorse GOP nominee Donald Trump, but encouraged voters not to do so if it would violate their conscience.

Speaking before a Texas delegation at a Thursday breakfast, Cruz passionately defended his primetime speech, which prompted boos and jeers from a furious RNC crowd longing for a Trump endorsement.

The once-beloved conservative firebrand said he would continue to "tell the truth" and would not back the Manhattan billionaire "like a servile puppy dog."

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