Puppy that had tested positive for meth and heroin now clean and up for adoption

Puppy Who Tested Positive for Meth Looking for Forever Home
Puppy Who Tested Positive for Meth Looking for Forever Home

In March, a Jack Russell terrier-Chihuahua puppy named Bubba was found in a motel room during a drug bust, and police soon figured out that there were drugs in his system.

Bubba's owner, 40-year-old Joshua West, was arrested for an outstanding warrant along with possession of drugs and paraphernalia.

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Lt. Brian Frick, a supervising animal control officer, remembers rescuing the pup: "I walked in and saw all these drugs on the ground," he told the OC Register.

"I said, 'Where's the dog?' and walked around the corner and saw him lying listless. He was so cold and lethargic, I thought it was just he'd been taken from his mom too soon. I never suspected he may have gotten into drugs," he continued.

The police then took Bubba to OC Animal Care in Orange County where he tested positive for meth and heroin. The center quickly started him on a journey to rehabilitation.

Bubba's story quickly received national attention and soon went viral.

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Four months later, the now-7-month-old puppy was deemed rehabilitated and cleared for adoption.

Once the shelter opened with Bubba ready for a new home, an anonymous couple came in to see him. They have been following Bubba's story since the beginning.

Katie Ingram, assistant director of OC Animal Care, said of the couple, "They were a really nice couple and told us that Bubba would have a sister. Bubba bonded with them immediately."

They then adopted Bubba, giving him the loving home he deserves.