People are tweeting screenshots of their notes and it's hilarious

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Sometimes when your brain hatches something beautiful (or something too weird to contain) you have to write it down.

The easiest place to do that is often the Notes app on your phone.

Twitter users recently started spilling their smartest, weirdest and funniest notes with the hashtag #ShowMeYourNotes.

Here are some of our favorites:

1. This one is just totally, innocently random:

2. There was some brilliant brainstorming:

3. Some witty humor:

4. One person just stores memes away:

5. Some are filled with insane (but strangely smart) musings:

6. One guy uses his as a communication device:

7. This one is just a stroke of genius:

There you have it. The next great frontier for brilliance is the iPhone notes app.

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