Man almost loses his life after flying off waterslide

Man Almost Loses His Life After Flying Off Waterslide

A man nearly lost his life after he slipped of a mountain waterslide and was sent flying 10 to 15 feet down a rocky cliff.

David Salmon, of Texas, was sliding down a mountain side waterslide in Austin, TX when he lost his grip on the slide.

Salmon uploaded a video of the incident to Facebook with the caption, "too dang old to be going down water slides. Fell off this one that is over a rocky cliff." The shocking video has been viewed nearly 2 million times.

Salmon was transported to a Round Rock hospital by ambulance and was left with a broken arm, fractured ribs and lacerations covering his entire body.

"Just found out I don't need surgery so that's good news!" he wrote on Facebook. "One more night in Austin then I can go home to Dallas."

Despite his injuries, he still seems to has a sense of humor, using the hashtags, "#waterslide #fail #failvideo #brokenarm #notdead," at the end of his Facebook post.

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