How reviving woolly mammoths could protect the planet

How Reviving Woolly Mammoths Could Protect the Planet

By: Patrick Jones and Michelle Rosique, Buzz60

There's actually been talk for a while about bringing woolly mammoths back from the dead.

Scientists have been trying to figure out if it's possible, but the "humans shouldn't play God" argument often arises. After all, we've all seen what happened in "Jurassic Park."

However, Frankenstein complex aside, bringing back mammoths may be beneficial to humans and the environment.

As the arctic melts, it releases more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This is in addition to all the carbon dioxide humans are already generating.

However, popular science suggests reintroducing mammoths could slow down the melting process and restore the tundra to a grassland to help trap atmospheric carbon dioxide.

There are some groups of scientists attempting to restore mammoths using frozen mammoth DNA spliced with Asian elephant DNA.

The possibilities are exciting, so long as the scientists focus on woolly mammoths and don't let their curiosity extend to the scarier predators of our past.

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