Cotton candy cocktails are a thing, and the internet is losing their minds

This Cotton Candy Martini Is The Perfect Spring Cocktail
This Cotton Candy Martini Is The Perfect Spring Cocktail

Apparently, this is the summer of crazy, cool cocktails.

Last year, we had the prosecco pop. But this summer we have blue wine, red wine floats and rosé flavored gummy bears.

One company is taking cotton candy cocktails to new levels. Behold, drinks like 'The Flufftini', 'The Garnish' and 'The Mocktail'.

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Cotton candy has never looked so sweet!

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How pretty are these drinks?

Apparently, they taste even sweeter than they look.

For one, they "use rose-infused cotton candy," said Sugaire founder Yasmeen Tadia. Other flavors include lychee or guava.

Yes way rosé...infused cotton candy.

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