What people really think about Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is definitely the game of the moment, and with all that popularity comes divided opinions.

It kind of seems like people love it or hate it, and many users confessed their thoughts on Whisper.

1. It's making some people so much healthier:

Pokemon go is the motivation I've needed to get healthy. I've already dropped 5lbs and have been a lot happier

2. The game is improving social lives:

Pokemon Go is literally saving my life. I haven't been this happy, active, or social for a LONG time.

3. Others think it's making people revert to savage form:

In my opinion this stupid Pokemon go thing is making some people disrespectful and vulgar in their actions.

4. Some think it's ruining humanity as a whole:

Humanity is falling down because of Pokemon Go. It is really stupid to play it.

5. It's certainly time-consuming:

Pokemon Go is the most time consuming game ever made

6. It's replacing other news:

I know more about pokemon than what is going on in the world

7. Some people have started doing weird things:

I apologize to everyone who sees me in their yard today. Pokemon Go has taken over my life.

8. Others have started doing good things:

Pokemon Go is my motivation to get out of the house

9. It's magnifying annoying habits:

I hate pokemon go already. I didn't think it was possible but now people are even more anti social and people keep bumping into me because they're looking at their phones

10. Pokemon Go can become your life, but it's fine:

My life is being absolutely consumed by Pokemon go and I'm not even mad about it.

11. ...is it fine, though?

I have hardly gotten any sleep in the past three days due to Pokemon GO. No regrets.

12. It can legitimately turn your life around:

Pokemon Go is saving my marriage. We went for a pokewalk and spent all night together!!!

13. Some think it's pretty immature:

If you play Pokemon Go and are over 10 years old, I feel sorry for you. Ridiculous.

14. At least one person thinks it falls a little short:

I think i am the only person in the world that thinks "Pokemon GO" is a disappointment.

15. Though technically free, it can cost a lot of money:

Pokemon go is my obsession.. I've spent over $200 in gas in the past three days..

16. The control it can have over people is a little intense:

pokemon go is one of the dumbest games to date. you all are letting it take over and control your lives.

17. You can accomplish things outside of the game:

The only reason why I went to work Is to catch new pokemon

18. It's revolutionizing the smartphone experience:

Pokemon Go is the most fun I have ever had with my smartphone

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