These photos of a microburst are taking the Internet by storm

Microburst Knocks Out Power In Brentwood Neighborhood

Weather gets a bad rap for being a boring topic, but this microburst in Phoenix, Arizona that occurred a couple days ago appeared to be anything but.

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Twitter was soon abuzz with chatter about the event:

A photo was then posted on Reddit and quickly went viral. One poster explained what a "microburst" is:

According to the poster, a microburst is like a "tornado in reverse." Both tornadoes and microbursts involve big gusts of winds -- and look incredible far away.

Bryan Snider Photography posted a time lapse of the microburst. The description says, "Time lapses of the evolution of a strong microburst (from a severe warned stormed) captured from Phoenix Sky Harbor international airport." Check out the video:

Microburst Over Phoenix, Arizona - July 18th, 2016 from Bryan Snider Photography on Vimeo.

While microbursts may be dangerous, it seems that all these observers were a considerable distance away. Luckily for them, they were able to just enjoy this incredible sight of nature.

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