The kid from 'Jerry Maguire' has changed so much!

The kid from Jerry Maguire has changed so much!
The kid from Jerry Maguire has changed so much!

We all know Jonathan Lipnicki as the adorable little kid that had the sweetest "father-son" relationship with Tom Cruise in "Jerry Maguire:"

Tom Cruise And Jonathan Lipnicki In 'Jerry Maguire'
Tom Cruise And Jonathan Lipnicki In 'Jerry Maguire'


He's been through a lot over the years – in fact, did you know he wasn't even originally cast to play the sports agent's son in the movie?

But luckily for all of us, the stars aligned and Lipnicki got the role. And it literally changed his life forever.

He says he's still referred to as "the kid from "Jerry Maguire."

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As part of a tribute to the movie, Lipnicki said, "Never mind that I'm a talented, classically trained adult actor capable of playing a wide variety of roles, because, 'Hey! It's the cute little kid from 'Jerry Maguire.'"

Oops. Guilty.

But he's obviously all grown up now, and he wants to make sure everyone knows it.

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Although he's most known for his role in "Jerry Maguire," he's appeared in many movies and TV shows since.

Now, he stars in a television show called "Interns of F.I.E.L.D." and he also trains in Mixed Martial Arts styles!

"That's right. I'm the cute little kid who taught you that the human head weighs eight pounds. But now, I bench 250 and I'm a competitive Brazilian jujitsu fighter," Lipnicki said.

2016 Chiller Theater Expo
2016 Chiller Theater Expo


WHAT! We wouldn't have even recognized him!

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