Kiwi mystery is driving the internet crazy

The quickest way to peel a kiwi

Who would have thought that the next great internet mystery, the successor to "Making a Murderer," is a story about a kiwi?

Certainly not Tumblr user latinkilledtheromans.

It all started in May when the user posted a photo of a kiwi on the kitchen counter. That seems like a normal thing, but when latinkilledtheromans teased a roommate about the silliness of buying a single, solitary kiwi, the roommate denied any involvement.

Here's a screenshot of their chat about it, per Tumblr:

The roommates together did some digging into the history of this "Kiwiny" brand that suspiciously ended up on their counter.

They wanted to find out where the kiwi could be purchased, since one of them obviously had to buy it and they shop at different grocery stores.

But this is what they found:

And the roommates realized something -- you cannot buy this kind of kiwi in the United States. They could not have accidentally purchased it.

Weeks and months pass and there is no answer about what happened with the kiwi.

Recently, latinkilledtheromans posted an update:

No real answers, there. But it does get weirder.

Kiwiny starts following the user.

On Twitter, that is.

Kiwiny posts about the mystery on Facebook, because you know how brands tend to act when they get a hold of viral stories or memes.

After making some jokes about aliens and fruit having feelings, the company explains that they do actually ship kiwis to the U.S.

But that still doesn't explain how it got to that certain kitchen table.

Hopefully we will have some answers soon, but if not, a Netflix special will suffice.

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