Flight attendants tell secrets about flying you never knew before

Flight Attendants Tell Secrets About Flying You Never Knew Before

No matter how hard you try, flying is never going to be perfect.

That said, you may be totally in the dark as to just how nasty air travel can be.

Some travel secrets have leaked, and once you hear them, you may trade in your plane ticket for a bus pass.

Complimentary headphones are great, but you should probably bring your own. Expert fliers say the ones they provide never really get replaced.

Another flight attendant says the drinking water on a plane is disgusting and comes from a tank that never gets cleaned.

Speaking of disgusting, they say employees only use the bathrooms in dire situations. Otherwise, they wait until landing.

And when it comes to flying, being nice pays off. Flight attendants note when you make their jobs easier, and they're willing to give you perks, like a whole can of soda instead of half.

But when it comes to drinking, don't get too drunk.

Your temporary server will take note and not pour you the whole bottle. Instead, they'll just dip the rim of the glass and fill the cup with mixer.

With the cost of airline cocktails, that's a risk you probably don't want to take.

So rein it in, and make sure to put your seat in the upright position before landing, while you're at it! It's the only thing that separates us from the animals.

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