Woman paints her face with 100 layers of foundation and the results are spooky

Faces All Makeup Addicts Will Recognize
Faces All Makeup Addicts Will Recognize

Josefin Lillakas doesn't typically wear enough foundation to fix all of the potholes in New York City, but this was a very important experiment.

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The YouTube star known as Jeely applied 100 coats of makeup to her face for the same reason we all do anything on the internet -- because she can.

In her latest video, she answers the question we've all had at 7 a.m. while our brains are still processing last night's troubling dreams -- what would my face look like as a mask that could be worn in "The Purge?"

It's not the first time Jeely has gone to the extreme for the sake of the internet.

She participated in the lip-destroying "Kylie Jenner Challenge" and even recently applied 100 coats of mascara to her poor, unwilling lashes.

Hopefully for her next endeavor Jeely will give her poor pores a break.

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