Woman documents amazing date with herself after being stood up

Top 10 Date Night Movies
Top 10 Date Night Movies

It's so simple to show up to a date. You just have to do it.

There can be a lot of nerves at play there, though, so unfortunately some of the funniest and most beautiful people still get passively rejected when their dates stand them up.

Mimi Black, a very clever Twitter user, refused to pout when her date from Glasgow, Scotland never showed up to take her out.

She went on a whirlwind, romantic date with herself, and documented the whole thing on Snapchat.

Black started off by flaunting her cute look and bragging about how "bae" bought her a little treat.

The thirst soon became real, and only the most suggestive of drinks could quench it.

She satisfied the cravings of her true love -- herself.

Her final snap was a sexy selfie, in which she praised her flaky date's inability to show up for introducing her to a greater love -- a big sale.

There you have it, folks -- don't ditch your date. She'll have an incredible time without you, and maybe even go viral.

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