The only 5 things you'll need to pack for your vacation

5 Must-Haves to Pack for Vacation

Going away for vacation is the best part of summer. As soon as that last meeting gets out or as soon as the clock strikes five, you are on your way to the beach, the city, the country or anywhere else that your summer vacationing heart desires. It's the best way to get out of your hectic day to day life and wind down with a nice cold drink in your hand and one big grin on your face.

The only thing not so blissful about that picture perfect image? The thought of having to ransack your room, sift through your drawers and raid your closet just to pack up your things for the trip. Well we know that this can be the absolute worst and Ashley from The Style Editrix is here to help! Take a look at how packing five simple things will save you from the horrors of your closet and will instead bring you closer to that amazing weekend getaway that you have been dreaming of.

Check out the video above to see Ashley's must have vacation essentials!

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