Koala breaks into home, does a pole dancing routine

Koala Breaks Into Home, Does a Pole Dancing Routine
Koala Breaks Into Home, Does a Pole Dancing Routine

Koalas are known for being adorable and munching on bamboo leaves. Now, they're adding another skill to their resume: pole dancing!

Yes, really.

Nikki Erickson walked into her home in Australia and stumbled upon quite a shocking scene. The koala was latched on to the pole apparatus in her living room!

Officials assume the koala came in through the doggy door, and must have thought the pole was a tree.

Erickson caught the hilarious and adorable routine on video where the koala is seen standing by the pole, looking around, and climbing up. As the best pole dancers do, the koala also slid back down and totally stuck the landing!

The fun eventually had to come to an end, and after taking a selfie with her furry new friend, Erickson called her local animal rescue group. They arrived to remove the koala and safely put it back outside.

Now, she can practice her routine in her natural habitat. Who knows, maybe this little fella will have a career in pole dancing ahead.

Clearly, it has the koala-fications.

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