Fashionable hospital gowns make sick teens feel unique

Fashionable Hospital Gowns Make Sick Teens Feel Unique

It's safe to say there is nothing flattering about a hospital gown. They're boxy, usually a depressing color, and serve as a stark reminder that the person who wore it before you was definitely miserable in it.

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Now, dull and boring hospital gowns might now be a thing of the past thanks to the Starlight Children's Foundation Canada. The foundation has created a program that allows teens to set themselves apart through fashion.

The program, Ward + Robes, brings together top designers to create unique gowns that better express the personalities of teen patients.

The foundation produced about 100 different gowns that were distributed to kids at the hospital.

A promotional video was released on their website which showed the kids' reactions. In just a few hours, the touching video went viral.

One of the kids said, "It feels like I'm myself; it doesn't feel like I'm in the hospital anymore."

Different colors and styles are offered to remind them that they can set themselves apart, even in a hospital. Plus, each gown also includes a tag with a very important message which says, "You're unique. Why should your gown be any different?"

The foundation is now inviting anyone to submit designs and donate to the program.

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